One Small Step (2018) – Award-Winning Animated Short Film

One Small Step, Animated Short Film

“One Small Step” is an amazing animated short film of just 7 minutes length that has captured a child’s emotion, imagination and dreams.

No, this short film is not produced by any of the big animation studios like Disney or Pixar, yet the film pulls us to something that is par with any popular studio-made short film. Produced by TAIKO Studios, a Chinese-American company made up of a Disney alum, “One Small Step” introduces us to its child character Luna, who dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Directed by Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas, “One Small Step” is a beautiful story depicting the loving relationship between a father and his daughter as well as the ambition of the young girl. The film is full of emotion, as we see the humble father extending support to his daughter, even though at times the girl gets carried away with her ambition. Nevertheless, she eventually realizes her father’s love and effort – which later helps her in coming out strong and living her dream.

“One Small Step” is all about our lives, our dreams, our relationships, and how everything comes together to bring that light to our lives. Even though the movie has no dialogues, the story with great animation transcends to an emotional journey. Nevertheless, it is a feel-good movie, as we see Luna achieving her dream with all her efforts and love from her father.

You may watch the short film “One Small Step” here in the YouTube player below or catch it on TAIKO’s official Vimeo and Facebook page.



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