Danny McBride’s ARIZONA in Theaters, VOD on Aug 24

ARIZONA Movie Trailer

Just got to watch this Danny McBride starring movie trailer of the upcoming dark comedy ARIZONA and it looks impressive. While we see the character of McBride kidnapping and murdering his way through, the comedic elements sets the tone of this unusual storyline, where we can expect something good.

The storyline of ARIZONA is set during the 2009 housing crisis and follows a real estate agent and single mom Cassie (Rosemarie DeWitt), who is struggling to keep up with her life. Her problem amplifies when a displeased client Sonny (Danny McBride) violently confronts Cassie’s boss and kidnaps her.

Things get ugly with Sonny’s foolish decisions that turn bloody and violent. For Cassie, it becomes a survival story as she not only tries to protect herself but also her daughter from this outrageously insane man.

The story is quite revealing in the trailer itself and the reason for releasing the trailer so late is also not clear. Nevertheless, the dark comedy and the performance of Danny McBride are expected to be interesting.

The cast of the film also includes Luke Wilson (Idiocracy), Kaitlin Olson (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), David Alan Grier (“The Carmichael Show”) and Elizabeth Gillies (“Dynasty”).

Watch the Movie Trailer – ARIZONA

Starring: Danny McBride, Rosemarie DeWitt, Luke Wilson, Kaitlin Olson, Elizabeth Gillies, Lolli Sorenson, David Alan Grier

Director: Jonathan Watson

Genre: Comedy, Action, Thriller



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