The Truth About Alcohol – Documentary with a scientific view

The Truth About Alcohol Documentary

Last updated on July 30th, 2018 at 11:21 pm

Human society has a long association with alcohol since ages. Every civilization, nation and culture have reference to some or other form of alcohol. This documentary The Truth About Alcohol, now streaming on Netflix, answers some key questions related to alcohol from the scientific point of views and underlines some of the worst sides of alcohol.

The documentary film tries to gather opinions from scientists, study and researches to show the truth about alcohol, and how people become chronic alcoholic. The idea of drinking not too much was never a notion, and people generally go by with a no-limit tag, eventually pushing themselves to various health risks. This is the reason governments are now coming with their recommended limits.

The Truth About Alcohol conducts few experimentation to find out whether people generally drink alcohol within the recommended limits. Dr. Javid Abdelmoneim, an A&E doctor also the presenter of the doc experiments on himself to let us know the downside of drinking too much alcohol. And, how we tend to go above the limit in just three days a week which puts us at greater risk of developing alcohol related liver disease.

Here we get to introduced with varied causes of alcohol related liver diseases, including your genes, diet, weight etc. and not just the amount of alcohol we drink. However, if we drink above the recommended limit for a long period of time, it is highly likely that our liver will develop abnormalities.

So, in The Truth About Alcohol, we get some insight on several common questions, for example:

Is there any link between alcohol and cancer?

How much one should drink? What’s the maximum unit alcohol one can drink every day?

Do we really know alcohol is anyway good for our health?

Clips from The Truth About Alcohol

Nevertheless, it’s true that average human beings are completely clueless about how alcohol reacts in our body or what are the long-term impacts to our health. There are many studies in which there have been increasing evidence linking alcohol and cancer or liver disease.

There is certainly more information and facts in this documentary and not limited to the following questions.

Why do some people get drunk more quickly and others?

What is the best remedy for a hangover?

Why is red wine supposedly better for us that white?

Why has the weekly recommended limit changed so much for men?

How alcohol and cancer are linked?

If you have not watched this yet, you may catch this on Netflix. This David Briggs directed British film The Truth About Alcohol explores the science of drinking and pushes us to learn more about alcohol and limit ourselves to the recommended limit or question whether we should drink at all – if we care for our health.



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