A Quiet Place (2018) – Movie Review

Left to right: John Krasinski and Noah Jupe in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.

A Quiet Place, set in a post-apocalyptic earth, deals with dreadful alien creatures those are now danger to the remaining human population, who are struggling to survive by turning quiet to everything. Yes, you make any sound and you’re a gone case. Those aliens use sound to track and kill humans.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski starrer A Quiet Place is probably the most interesting, and surprising nerve-raking thriller we’ve seen in the recent times. While, I would not like to put this film in horror genre, it is in all respect a rare thriller, where the scares are not anything that of the usual horror films.

Well, the movie is a great example of visual storytelling where the director Krasinski heavily depends on the characters on-screen, led by some unique ideas in play to elevate the very essence of silence and tension. Visual narrative makes the movie unique from any other with great cinematography, and amazing acting laced with facial expression and sign language.  

A Quiet Place (2018) – Official Teaser Trailer


The storyline of the film opens on Day 89 when the Abbott family — the couple Lee and Evelyn, and their three kids — struggling to stay dead-silent to avoid the eminent danger. The first few minutes of the film gives us good impression of the family’s plight, as they eventually miss the youngest member of the family, and their constant struggle to keep their love and emotion together.

From here on the movie jumps forward to over a year when Evelyn is expecting another child. The narrative becomes very interesting and engaging, triggering our imagination and the possibilities in every corner.

Mostly, horror movies heavily depend on the sound but this one, as I said, is very different in its approach as it’s more about silence – that is more terrifying. The emotional relationship in the family – drama without many spoken words further translates its beauty. As we get introduced with the loving Abbott family, we become aware of the danger and hence starts thinking of their wellbeing.

Emily Blunt in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.
Emily Blunt in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.

Without giving too much away (I would like you to watch this in theatre), I must say that this is the vision of the director that drives the onscreen-adventure and our imagination with plentiful suspense.

Krasinski has shined both in acting and direction, and he is very well-supported by the young actors and wife Blunt. The interaction between characters are through facial expression and sign language; so it is amazing to find such a talented cast who can justify their roles.

A Quiet Place is an extraordinary film in which ideas, imagination and situation delivers the horror and chill. There is no need of any ghostly elements to surprise or scare you. This has everything you would wish for to watch in a unique horror-thriller.

Having said that, the only thing I, probably would have liked to see is some kind of backstory or explanation on the very dystopian earth, or from where did those alien creatures come from. Watch A Quiet Place in your nearby theatre to have an amazing experience.



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