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The Stolen is a women-oriented film set the 1870s New Zealand when life of a lone woman was really hard and harsh. The film follows Charlotte Lockton (Alice Eve) who is settled in the North Island with her wealthy husband, David, living a luxurious life.

Their life suddenly takes a U-turn when David is murdered by few robbers who also kidnapped their baby son. With no one around to trust, and no time for grieving, Charlotte finds herself helpless and shattered but decided to leave her elegant farmhouse and start looking for her son by tracking a ransom note.

As she begins her journey to an unknown and untamed territory, she meets many people, including from suffragettes to gamblers, settlers to hustlers, outlaws to a native Maori warrior – who all are trying to settle in this new civilization.

Charlotte’s quest for her son forces her to join a group of dancers, hookers and hustlers, and headed for Goldtown – mostly settled by a mining community. Going by the nature of the society and her association with people in a brothel, she learns the tricks to defend herself and survive in a male-dominated society.

The Stolen is a female-oriented film but the treatment of the story, which could have been emotionally draining or a little more action onscreen, eventually doesn’t live up to the expectation. I am amused that the makers don’t go deep into the characters when there was certainly much scope, for example Charlotte’s relation with the group of dancers or her interaction with other friendly characters.

While on one level, the film tries to show the plight of women in that era, The Stolen never really tries to explore further or throw more light on the social aspects. Every character and situation are only used to follow the path to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Charlotte’s son. On the positive side though the cinematography of the film has been really good, and has very successfully complimented the mystery elements.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Starring: Alice Eve, Jack Davenport, Richard O’Brien, Graham McTavish, and Stan Walker

Directed by: Niall Johnson

Release Date: November 3rd, 2017



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