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This found-footage thriller Hangman directed by little known (at least for me) Adam Mason has received mixed reviews from the critics. So, I wanted to give it a try with hope that it’s not like one of those mediocre horror flicks I watched lately. 

The films starts with the Miller family who has just returned from vacation but only to find their home broke into and ransacked by someone. As they settle in with the assurance from cops that it might be a case of some teenagers wanting to have a place for party, they soon started sensing things go missing from their home.

Hangman starts as a horror film with some paranormal activity type presentation and very nicely sets the stage for a terrorized family being victim of a psychotic killer. However, as you start wondering about the motives of the man in question and see the events from the eye of the titular character’s cameras, director Mason somehow could not manage to play enough creepiness to the scene.

The film will for sure give you some kind of alertness, as any invasion into anyone’s privacy –and that too by a mysterious and malicious visitor — is indeed traumatic. In the film you are only introduced with a happy family and then the antagonistic character starts spying on every member of the family with his multiple cameras installed in every corner of the apartment. Probably, in the beginning we needed a little more characterization so that we could sympathize more to the victim.

Then again, probably the director never wanted to bring in that kind of sympathy driven plot or say the feel good, happy ending kind of story. If that’s the case, Hangman is a decent flick to introduce a psychotic mind with no definite motivation. It’s almost the audiences’ imagination that can make themselves uncomfortable while watching the intruder ruining the life of a family.

Nevertheless, I would not recommend this for everyone considering there is less thrill and horror. Anyone who likes some kind of uncertainty or for that matter anything spooky without much scariness on screen may watch this film. Probably, with a little more production value – this film could have been watchable for everyone. And yes, that climax is too rush and not reasonable at all.

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Horror,  Thriller

Director: Adam Mason
Cast: Jeremy Sisto, Kate Ashfield, Eric Michael Cole, Ryan Simpkins, Ty Simpkins, Amy Smart
Screenwriters: Simon Boyes, Adam Mason

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