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For not watching enough movies in the last couple of months, when I finally got to watch one this weekend, it was satisfying even though the movie Tomorrowland was not that great in storytelling. Sometimes it confuses and sometimes amazes me with conceptualization of a single idea of building a futuristic city situated in some alternate dimension.

Probably, for any movie buff the whole idea behind any good science-fiction is actually exciting and so does Tomorrowland. The movie involves many things from time travel, flashes of future, and tales of humans of different generations. The film starts with Frank (George Clooney) and a teenage girl Casey (Britt Robertson) doing some broadcasting and together they are up to something big, at least it seems, but we are then thrown to their backstories.

So, here it comes, a young Frank (played by Thomas Robinson) trying to impress the judge in the 1964 World’s Fair in New York with his newly invented jetpack, in an attempt to enter the young inventor contest. While he fails to score a point, Frank gets to know a mysterious little girl Athena (Raffey Cassidy) who admires Frank and gave him a magic pin as a ticket to the futuristic world Tomorrowland.

Finally when a young Frank joins some of the finest minds in building what we called a classic futuristic city, something went wrong and we find an old Frank banished by the Tomorrowland mayor named Nix. From that time, Frank is living in solitude in our real world away from what he dreamt of to be the perfect world. Then again the mysterious Athena appears, this time to find Casey, a rebellious girl whose father is a NASA engineer and who herself dreams of becoming an astronaut.

As we come to know that Athena is in fact in the real world to find another Frank-like genius who can fix the Tomorrowland flaws, everything falls in line. However, the story in the movie doesn’t hold for too long to make it a classic sci-fi flick, barring the idea of optimism and few present day truth in relation to environment and human fanaticism to embrace the worst coming their way and not being prepared to avoid the catastrophe.

For me probably I expected something more in such a long duration (2hr 10 min) movie and that too from the creator of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille. Nevertheless, director Bird is great in that utopian idea of creating a space for all those great optimistic minds, to work together away from any fear, greed, corruption, political compulsion or any kind of influence or interference in dreaming and actually planning for a better future.

As far as performance is concerned, I must say that Clooney and Cassidy steal the show while Britt and the young Frank, played by Robinson, are equally effective and entertaining. Finally, when I come out of the theatre, it actually compels me to think and probably that’s what a director eventually wants in terms of impact, leaving the viewers at a point to think.

Above all Tomorrowland is an original idea with few moral messages. At least it stays with hope, optimism and the idea that nothing is impossible and never stop questioning the world around you. At times the answers may be confusing but there is no denying with the fact that it’s the mankind who is responsible for the world and we are the answer to fix the universe.

Starring: Hugh Laurie, George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Thomas Robinson
Directed by: Brad Bird
Genre: Sci-fi

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