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The new family drama Nowhere Safe is a film for all those young students in schools or colleges who are very much aware of cyber-bullying. This is a low budget film with an important message to our youth and society on the grief and sorrow cyber-bullying may cause to one’s life, and hence with a moral message to stay out of all such domineering activities. 

Nowhere Safe tells the story of a mother and daughter who leave their old town in the middle of the night after the teenage girl Ashley Evans is being cyber bullied at her old school. As they start to settle in a new environment, it gets evident that their past can still haunt them.

In fact, Ashley’s mother Julie after getting a job as a drama teacher in the new school starts thinking that everything is going to be fine with her daughter. Although Ashley still fears to be open with everyone at school, she makes two good friends and one of them is a bully named Nick. Nick in company with Ashley turns a sober guy and they develop a great bonding.

However, one night as both of them go out for a party, Ashley yet again face the reality of her life, with false accusation which she has been trying to leave behind for long. Yet again she has to go through the trauma, sadness, sorrow for something which she has never been a part of.

Director Brian Brough and writer Brittany Wiscombe did choose a very nice plot and converted a solid story to a feature film with few exceptional performances. The film ends well without highlighting much on the legal part, which I guess is better in terms of leaving everything on the audience, or for that matter those people involved in bullying or the victims.

The message of love, friendship, compassion, kindness is indeed the focal point of the film Nowhere Safe. These moral values certainly guide youngsters to treat others, their friends, family members and even outsiders with dignity and with a sense of respect to the self-respect of others.

Starring: Natasha Henstridge, Jamie Kennedy, Danielle Chuchran, James Gaisford, Caitlin E.J. Meyer, Shona Kay.
Directed by: Brian Brough
Genre: Drama
Released year: 2014

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