Grace: The Possession (DVD release, 2014)

Grace: The Possession Horror Movie

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Talking about the film Grace: The Possession writer-director Jeff Chan tries to make it a bit different by capturing the horror and trauma from the very eye of the possessed. Many of us have watched the likes of Exorcist and The Last Exorcism, where the demonic act and the exorcism rituals were in the centre stage. However, the attempt to portray the first person view is something different.

The story of the film is very simple that first introduces us to Grace, who’s been raised by her religious grandmother. In fact, she knows little about her mother and father, as her mother dies giving birth to her. While she looks like any average teenage girl in her college, she finds it difficult to mingle with others in an open campus culture for which she was never accustomed to.

From her very childhood, she was living a strict life under the watchful eye of her grandma. Grace has been experiencing traumatic nightmares from childhood but away from home it becomes increasingly difficult for her once a demon enters her body. She decided to come back to home but the supernatural entity soon takes complete control of her.

It’s the past of Grace that keeps haunting her and she tries to know about her mother, what actually happened to her, and who her father might be or is? Nevertheless, Grace: The Possession doesn’t really scare me with any of its rousing moments. Then when it all boils down to an exorcism, the film doesn’t hold any substance in an uninteresting narrative.

Starring: Alexia Fast, Lin Shaye, Joel David Moore, Clarke Peters, Alan Dale
Directed by: Jeff Chan
Released year: 2014 (DVD)

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Am I watching too many horror films these days? May be yes, looking at the number of posts I have written in the last one month. However, this is not entirely my wish, in fact, many horror movies have so far released in this part of the year, prompting me to watch the most while review only few. Strangely, but true that there are only few interesting ones have come up to me for discussion. 




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