Lights Out – Provokes fear inside you

Last updated on June 7th, 2018 at 11:30 am

Unlike most of my friends and siblings, I like horror films a lot. I just want the whole idea behind any horror movie although there are very few impressive. One more thing is that other than traditional horror films in cinemas around the world, these days; YouTube has opened up an avenue for new filmmakers (mostly short filmmakers) to come up with many interesting ideas.

Just now I bumped into one short horror film titled Lights Out. Let me tell you, I did not have any idea about the content, and the first few seconds of this two and a half minute horror video is terrorizing. This is actually terrifying although I have watched some of the finest horror films.


Again this was effective because the premise is very much usual when a girl (played by Lotta Losten) turns her lights off before moving to her bedroom. The first time she turns the light off, she spots something unusual, as if someone is standing at the far end of the corridor. She very casually starts flicking off the light, as each time she turns it off, a silhouette appears.

Without a single dialogue in the film, what happens next and the sudden twist in the tale makes it chilling, which will certainly leave lasting impact on our psyche. After watching the movie, you may even think twice before switching your lights off.

Disclaimer: Please don’t watch this, if you’re not fond of horror genre or you’ve a weak heart! 🙂

Watch it here on YouTube – Lights Out

The movie is directed by award winning short film maker David F Sandberg, and the girl in it is played by actress Lotta Losten. Lights Out has gone viral soon after its upload on the video sharing website YouTube.



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