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First of all, do not get yourself confused with horror film Frozen that was released in 2010. The Frozen is a thriller directed by Andrew Hyatt and starring Brit Morgan, Noah Segan and Seth David Mitchell. One of my friends just got the DVD few days back and I was kind of zoomed it on a Saturday afternoon with my TV set. The movie The Frozen is a kind of formulaic with few twists that are not alien to me.

Nevertheless, The Frozen is a decent thriller which could have been much better if it had some original elements. For those who are looking this as a horror film, you may find yourself disappointed in the end. Those few creepy moments in the film are only to distract you from your imagination of what actually is going to happen in the end; but somehow could not hold much longer.

Well, just to shed some light on the storyline here it is: A young couple Mike (Seth David Mitchell) and Emma (Brit Morgan) planned it wrong for an adventure-filled time in a snowy mountain that seems a bit crazy idea for anyone during winters and that too miles away from home. To no surprise, eventuality brought them to a snowmobile accident leaving them stranded in the isolated frozen wilderness with shivering cold.

As they wait for help to come, they not only struggle to find their way out but also meet strange characters including a mysterious hunter (played by Noah Segan) keeping eye on them every now and then, and a ghost element that together turns their whole adventure into horror with such precarious situation. Soon after their accident, Emma begins to see a man with a gun which she tries to tell Mike, but he thinks Emma is just scared.

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Thereafter, Mike ends up going missing and never returned while Emma desperately tries to search for him. On her way, she even finds a pool of blood and thought the hunter must have killed Mike. Till this time, you might have got some idea of what exactly is happening in The Frozen. If not, please watch it!

All in all, director Hyatt, in his debut feature film attempt, at least had a nice script to work with. How it was executed might be a subject of discussion when both the lead characters did not quite seem to be a couple deeply in love with. Straight from the beginning, it seemed to me as they were just friends or met each other few days back before they turn up with their weird idea to try and find some pleasure in a winter wonderland. Moreover, the narration and events were very slow for a thriller genre.

The Frozen is indeed a good effort from a first-time director. It has elements and moments that may frighten you, but not a careful narration to hold the script. I think, for all of us, the twist in the tale is good but probably we might need a more dramatization of the facts. Yet, the plus point for this film, of course, is the wonderful cinematography in beautiful wintry landscapes that adds to the overall feel.

Brit Morgan and Seth David Mitchell in the film The Frozen
Brit Morgan and Seth David Mitchell in the film The Frozen



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