According to Greta (2009) – an offbeat comedy drama

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Many movies explore different aspects of an adolescent life but there are very few that are powerful in citing the rebellious yet believable nature of average teens.

Directed by Nancy Bardawil, ACCORDING TO GRETA tries to focus on few things that is very much complex amongst teenagers, including a turbulent home life that further stretched into self-centred and suicidal tendencies.

Greta (Hilary Duff) is seventeen, and like many other youngster of her age she is very practical yet depressed and rebellious in nature. Her troubled family life in which her mother is more interested in making her love life work and less bothered about the future of her child, somehow tells the story of an obvious alienated child who certainly longs for happiness and care.

Upon unusual circumstances, when her mother Karen (Melissa Leo), who is on her third marriage, sent Greta to stay with her grandparents to the Ocean Grove beach town in New Jersey to spend the summer holidays, Greta was never happy and so as the host. She was so rebellious that she even created a bucket list of what she actually wants to do in this summer before she kills herself.

Yes, she even had compiled a notebook of suicidal method with an upsetting intension to kill herself before the summer is over. Meanwhile, while working in a restaurant to earn her own daily expenses, as a rule to live at her grandparents’ home, Greta meets a chef Julie (Evan Ross) who happens to be a reformed ex-con.

Despite a criminal past Julie is now more motivated to lead a quite a life with wish to have his own restaurant. Greta finds Julie very much fascinating because of his past as well as his ambitious nature. They both develop a great friendship, but when Julie sees Greta’s suicide list, he tries to convince her and even informed her grandparents about her distressing plan.

According to Greta is a very sweet, simple and highly predictable story but somehow the performance of Duff doesn’t justify the character and the message it wants to pass on screen. Probably, her earlier image as a teen idol with more apple-cheeked roles overshadowed her effort in portraying a troublesome defiant girl.

Nevertheless, Evan Ross delivers a solid performance, while veteran actors Ellen Burstyn and Michael Murphy as grandparents are just too good. According to Greta is at least a onetime watch.




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