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Hotel Desire German Film

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Hotel Desire movie is a German drama written and directed by Sergej Moya. The film follows the life of a single mother Antonia, who is struggling to balance her life in spending enough time with her young son and the challenges at the job.

Before talking more about the film, I should make it very clear that this movie is not for kids as it features explicit lovemaking scenes. Also, it is a German language movie and I have watched it with English subtitle.

Well, just to put this movie in one sentence – it is about passion, human desire and aspiration for sexuality.

Written and directed and by Sergej Moya, Hotel Desire tells the story about a hotel maid Antonia in Berlin, who lives alone after sending her eight-year-old son to her husband’s place, who is bored of his routine work life — with constant problem with the seniors at job.

As a very natural human desire, Antonia (played by Saralisa Volm) is longing for more in her life outside the usual routine hard work and a lonely life. She feels the lack of a man in her life. She even once opens up with one of her colleagues that she did not have sex for several years.

One day while cleaning a guest room she suddenly realizes that the occupant, who is a blind painter, is still there showering. As the man comes out of the shower to dress himself up, Antonia out of fear and anxiety kept on standing without even trying to breathe. But the man’s hand accidentally touches her foot while searching for his socks on the floor.

Director Moya who is also a very well-known young actor in German film industry wanted to bring emotional relationship as well as and sexual interaction to depict an interesting love story. However, within such a short duration of roughly 40 minutes, the film falls short on the love life although flourishes on expression of human joy of life.

Interestingly, Hotel Desire movie was produced on public internet donation campaign. Even though the film depicts sexuality and explicit lovemaking scenes, it is not a porn movie rather a beautiful way of portrayal of an ordinary human interaction with joy, life, beauty and love.

Hotel Desire 2011 German Film
Hotel Desire (2011) movie is Directed by Sergej Moya



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