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Have you ever had a dream (good or bad), woke up and wondered the rest of the night just thinking where did it actually come from?

What happens to our mind when we all fall asleep at night? They say that we are half dead; rightly so, as we lose consciousness but our mind keeps working, even though we never come to know much about it. With Ink, Director Jamin Winans presents this state of our mind by introducing us to a different world that wakes up when we fall asleep.

For someone with an eye for good movies, Ink is absolutely beautiful. These days it’s rare to find original cinema, but Ink is the right example of many good ideas coming together. It’s hard to explain the imagination behind such films but kudos to the writer/director Winans for creating this fairytale.

Even after watching this, I find it hard to write a summary or explaining something about the supernatural dream people in this film. Nevertheless, just to say it in few lines, Ink presents an interesting view of our dreams and nightmares. According to this, two forces exist on the shadow of our world: the storytellers – who give us good dreams, and Incubi – who give us nightmares with pain and fear.

Well, there are others who inhabit our dream world. Ink is a dark creature that works for Incubi. He is neither a storyteller nor Incubi. In fact, he is a drifter who had some kind of traumatic past that made him a distorted being in after life. As the story goes, a little girl Emma’s soul is taken hostage by the demon Ink, who wants to present the soul as a sacrifice to the Incubi, in order to become one of them.

Luckily, there are many more good forces who always try to save us from those evil. Again you might think that I had almost explained everything. But no, it’s not just another film depicting the battle between good and evil. There is more to it. Perusing Emma’s soul is Allel – her storyteller guardian, Jacob – a blind man, who sees everything by listening to the natural beat of the world, and Liev – a very powerful storyteller who falls in as Ink’s prisoner while trying to save Emma.

Yep, you must be getting confused by now J And yes, it is confusing but a very little, as the story is so well structured that you take only few minutes to understand the concept even though the suspense and thrill remain intact till the end.

Ultimately, you can only appreciate the movie looking at the whole new fantasy world it created from the very scratch. Ever since its release in 2009, this science fiction fantasy film has garnered a cult status for its originality, beauty and creativity.

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